Quality inspection,
grading and sorting

Superior differentiation between good and bad eggs

Simultaneous detection of leakers and dirt
Consistent detection results
More good eggs in the tray

By means of cameras and special lighting, advanced software detects leaking and dirty eggs on the infeed of MOBA OMNIA egg graders.

Leakers can be rejected in several drop gates (depending on the machine configuration) and dirty eggs will be sorted on an off grade lane.

The grading setup is adjustable and this makes the OMNIA control very flexible and the production of very accurate output qualities possible.

The EggInspector simultaneously grades and quality assures washed and unwashed eggs - both white, brown or mixed, with or without freckles.

Special features

  • Several cameras ensure full coverage of the surface of each egg
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Consistent results at line speeds up to 256.000 eggs/hour
  • Print detection

The EggInspector vision system is an integrated part of the OMNIA line and was developed in close cooperation with our partner and international supplier of egg-processing machinery, MOBA b.v.

MOBA is the world's largest manufacturer of egg grading and packing machines and is situated in the Netherlands with sales and service offices operating from all over the world.