Quality inspection
and grading of chickens

The most advanced quality inspection system available

Detects more defects than any other system
The most compact and flexible system – easy to install
Very intuitive Grade Setup for the operator


ClassifEYE detects broken wings, red and blue bruises, skin flaws, ammonia burns, feathers, bile contamination and one leg hangers.

The ClassifEYE quality inspection system consists of 1, 2, or 4 stainless steel tubes each with a high resolution color camera and build-in LED lighting.

Using one camera only front side is inspected. Using 2 cameras the front and back sides of the bird are inspected, but using 4 cameras all 4 sides and all parts of the chicken are inspected.

Special features

  • Multiple camera system covering all angles of the chicken
  • Intuitive Grade Setup for making individual tailor-made programs
  • Consistent results for every bird at any line speeds
  • On line statistics for quick corrective actions
  • Flock reporting
  • Weight estimation
  • Can be installed before or after cooling

ClassifEYE was developed in cooperation with one of our partners and global supplier of poultry processing machinery.